Summertime on the Farm

It has been a few weeks since our last post, but we have been very busy getting our summer vegetables ready for harvest and planting cotton and peanuts. The weather has certainly warmed up and summer is here to stay. With the warm weather, comes an abundance of fresh summertime produce. Sweet corn is in full swing and is perfect for creaming and putting in your freezers. We will continue to have sweet corn throughout the summer until we close at the end of July. The sweet corn we plant is called Xtra-tender. It is a white sweet corn with an outstanding flavor and larger ear size than traditional sweet corn like Silver Queen. A lot of people are skeptical to try this newer variety because of their loyalty to Silver Queen. We encourage them to try the corn, and around 99% of people fall in love with the great flavor and sweetness of the xtra-tender sweet corn. It is not GMO product and is simply an updated version of the classic sweet corn variety. We have also started pulling cantaloupes, and the flavor is outstanding this year. The cantaloupes are erupting with a sweet, sugary smell making them irresistible to pass up when you come to our market. This is the prelude to watermelon season and everyone is very anxious to sink their teeth into the sweet, crunchy flesh of a ripe watermelon. We are anticipating having watermelons in store around June 14th. Peas and butterbeans are also very close to harvest time. We will begin with green butterbeans, pinkeye peas, and purple hull crowder peas first. Cream 4os, sadandies, zipper creams, blackeyes, Big Boys, and speckled butter beans will follow. It is hard to beat fresh shelled butterbeans and peas, so mark your calendars and do not miss the peas. A few new produce items are also very close to harvest. Attention all eggplant lovers: If you love the purple eggplants fried, baked, or in stews, you have got to try the white eggplants we have planted this year. They are just as good (maybe a little better) than their purple counterparts and make a great eye appealing dish when mixed together. We will also begin canary melons very soon. These hit our store for the first time a year ago and were an instant crowd flavor. These dark yellow melons are similar to a cantaloupe and honeydew mixed. They are extremely sweet and have a crisp white flesh. Our peppers are also slowly trickling in the store now and include sweet banana, bell pepper, jalapenos, and cayenne.

Apart from produce, we have also added numerous other new GA grown products and other specialty items from across the USA. Stop by and try Abby’s J’s fire roasted salsas and over Flavor of GA winning product field to fork sweet fire pickles. Her products are amazing and the crowd favorite is definitely her Black Bean & Herb salsa.  We have picked up Sunflower honey from Honey on the Hill out of Eastonelle, GA. If you have a sweet tooth, try the cookie brittle line from California Wine Country in a variety of flavors including chocolate toffee. These crispy, butter cookies are the perfect addition to a cup of coffee. We are constantly adding new products, and they are all worth a try.

Don’t miss out on all these great summertime treats. Stop by and try them before its too late!!

Spring is Here

After a rainy couple of days, we woke up to a cool, but beautiful morning. After a couple cups of coffee going over today’s tasks, we all set off in different directions on the farm. With soil temperatures rising, we are in full swing getting the produce planted. With so many varieties of fruits/vegetables left to plant, we are running long days. We began transplanting watermelons today with hopes of having them ready around the first of June. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a sweet, crisp Georgia watermelon. Nothing says summer like ice cold watermelon. We are also transplanting cantaloupes and canary melons. Those not familiar with the canary melon need to put it on their list of things to try. We planted it for the first time two years ago, and we fell in love with its firm, sweet flesh. It is an unusual looking melon having a deep yellow skin and a white flesh. Hopefully we will begin harvesting these around the end of May. Along with the melons, we are planting other summer favorites like okra, tomatoes, peas, peppers, eggplants, and more. It will not be long before we will be breaking sweet corn ears and shelling those fresh peas. YUMMY!

With rain in the forecast, we are also trying to get things lined up for digging our onions. Onions need to be plowed up and left on top of the ground for a few days to help them dry before cutting them. We will begin with a sweet onion this year and transition into the Vidalia onions on April 25th. We have begun harvesting our regular orange carrots, and are still getting in our colorful carrots as well. We also have radishes, kale, cabbage, salad onions, and red salad onions still available. We are anticipating getting in Bok Choy and Swiss Chard by the weekend and some more broccoli in two weeks. Bok Choy and Swiss Chard are two crops we added last year to our vegetable rotation. They are both nutritious and can be prepared easily. Swiss Chard can be added to your salad, sautéed, or added to soups. Bok Choy is an easy side dish when sautéed with olive oil. Mark your calendars and try one or both of these vegetables.

Also swing by and try some of the delicious ice cream we have available from Greenwood creamery in Atlanta, Georgia. We have twenty-two flavors to choose from and just got in Blueberry Cheesecake! Also speaking of blueberries, Alta Cucina Italia has a blueberry balsamic vinegar that is beyond amazing. Try it on our kale with some feta cheese for a yummy and easy side dish. They have a large variety of oils and balsamic vinegars that you can purchase online or in store. We are in love with this line of oils and vinegars are getting in their full line which features flavors like fig, orange, cranberry orange, and so many more. Come by and browse our wide variety of products and support Georgia Grown businesses.


Happy Easter

Get ready for Easter at Pittman’s Country Market. Stop by for Easter basket fillers such as nostalgic candy, glass bottle sodas in over 200 varieties, and numerous other snacks and goodies. Also pick up some fresh produce for those Easter dinners. Pick from cabbage, kale, sweet potatoes, red salad onions, regular baby Vidalia green onions, and just in time for Easter colorful carrots. Happy Easter to everyone!!!